Criminal History Expungement

Criminal History Clean Up

Indiana’s “Second Chance Law” provides individuals who have a criminal history with a way to clean up their record. The procedure itself is not complicated, however there are many potential pitfalls if not handled correctly. Just filing the paperwork and receiving an order from the Court is not the end of the process as criminal history records exist in multiple databases at the local and state level. Hiring an experienced attorney to guide you through the process and ensure that all eligible records are properly expunged is critical. I have experience in the central Indiana Counties and statewide with the expungement process.

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Jay Can Assist With...

  • Arrest Records

  • Misdemeanor Convictions

  • Eligible Felony Convictions

The law restricts the waiting periods to file for expungement and limits the number of times a person can file. It is critical to know how your particular situation fits the law, and what effect receiving an expungement will have as it differs depending on the level of offense. Due to my extensive experience in this area, I can quickly and efficiently advise you of your options.

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